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Flow Control Valves


The bodies shown repressent our standard "stock range" but we are able to manufacture to any design where practical.


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The concept of the flow control valve is to provide a flow of liquid at a pre-determined level against a variation of pressure within the system. To this end, our valve operates in the following way:

The RAH rubber control ring is housed within a preformed chamber which has a tapered seat.  Any increase in pressure forces the control ring down the chamber to reduce the size of the orifice.  As the pressure reduces, the control ring returns to its original shape so enlarging the orifice. This maintains a balance of pressure and orifice to give a constant flow.

The RAH control ring is available in either Nitrile or EPDM rubber and has a life expectancy of up to 10 years use in pure liquid systems.

The valve operates over a temperature range of -25 deg C up to 1 00 deg C continuous and 120 Deg C intermittently.  Its pressure range is 1 bar minimum.

Our Flow Control Range